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Darlington Mind offers a range of self-help and personal development courses. These courses aim to help you to develop a personal tool kit of skills, to improve and maintain your mental wellbeing, improve your ability to cope with difficult life events and enable you to be more flexible in your approach to the different challenges in life.

  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • Greater understanding and control over health and mental wellbeing
  • Improved social connections
  • Access to stronger social networks and lasting social ties

These courses develop the coping strategies and emotional resilience of the attendees through training programmes delivered by a well-trained individual. The skills that these courses develop include:

  • The ability to prioritise life and work needs and goals
  • Increase in confidence, self-esteem and positive promotion of self
  • The ability to recognise non-resilient thinking patterns which can lead to counter-productive feelings and behaviours
  • Improve communication and relationships with others
  • Awareness of and ability to articulate the knowledge and skills gained
  • Increased motivation levels and desire to take action
  • Understanding of the connections between eating well and being at your best
  • More control over direction of life
  • Learning to be calm and focused

Comments and Testimonials

"It’s changing my life"

"The course has provided me with a lot of tools I can use to take my life forward"

"I enjoyed the group interaction and some of the techniques are very useful going forward for me. Overall an excellent well-constructed course"

“Everyone is very understanding and non-judgemental and I feel safe and happy when I am there”

“Definitely helped my mental wellbeing ...”

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Assertiveness Courses

Assertiveness is considered to be an interpersonal skill which will benefit any individual in any walk of life.

The course consists of two half day workshops at a cost £60 per person.

Anxiety Courses

If you have a formal diagnosis of Anxiety or if you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety this course might be beneficial for you.

The course consists of two half day workshops at a cost £60 per person

Confidence & Self Esteem Courses

If you find yourself lacking trust in your own abilities and decision making skills, if you can relate to using words like “useless”, “worthless” and “failure” when describing yourself or if you are unhappy with aspects of who you are then this course may be for you.

The course consists of two half day workshops at a cost £60 per person

Depression Courses

If you have a formal diagnosis of Depression or if you are experiencing the symptoms of depression which are mentioned above then this course might be beneficial for you

The course consists of two half day workshops at a cost £60 per person

Mental Health Awareness Courses

Mental Health Awareness will provide individuals with a basic understanding of mental health. Attendees can expect to gain knowledge of common mental health conditions, including the signs and symptoms of these. They will look at case studies and discuss how they might respond to certain situations. They will receive knowledge of how they can support people with their mental health, and how and where they might signpost to for additional support.

The course consists of one half day workshop at a cost £30 per person

Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness allows us to focus upon the present moment rather than concerning ourselves with what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future. It allows us to experience our thoughts and feelings without placing judgement upon them. It also allows our brain time to “rest and recharge”, enabling us to cope with chaotic lives and day-to-day stresses.

Introduction to Mindfulness:

15th January
22nd January
29th January
5th February

26th February
5th March
12th March
19th March

2nd March
9th March
16th March
23rd March

Resilience Courses

Anyone can benefit from the overview of Resilience which is provided in this course. You do not have to be diagnosed with or identify yourself as having a mental health condition or difficulty to benefit from improved awareness of your emotional wellbeing.

The course consists of two half day workshops at a cost £60 per person

Sleep Courses

This course is focused upon the mental and emotional causes of sleep problems. Sleep may also be affected by physical health conditions which are not addressed in this course however the course may still be of benefit to you.

The course consists of two half day workshops at a cost £60 per person

Stress Courses

Most of us can probably relate to feeling “stressed” at some point in our lives. Better stress management can be of use for everyone.

The course consists of two half day workshops at a cost £60 per person

All bookings are subject to the completion and return of the Training Course Booking Form (below) and receipt of cleared payment. Booking Forms can be returned to us by email at; contactus@darlingtonmind.com

Training Course Booking Form

Alternatively booking forms may be posted or handed in person at:

Reception, Darlington Mind Ltd, St. Hilda’s House, 11 Borough Road, Darlington, DL1 1SQ

Alternative payment methods:

Via cash/cheque/credit card/debit card by visiting us in person or via cheque by posting to the address above