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Safe Place To Be Initiative

The SPTB initiative is one strand of an overall strategy to support victims of hate crime led by the Police and Crime Commissioner. The objective is to create and develop a network of safe places in central public areas for anyone who feels threatened or anxious due to real or perceived behaviour of others around them.

Safe Places will provide a point of contact for anyone who needs it and will offer a range of help from a “listening ear” and a cup of tea to help with reporting the incident to the police if the victim wishes to do that. Incidents can be reported anonymously though that can make it harder to take action against the perpetrator. The wishes of the victim are paramount in this and the safe place will only offer support that the victim feels comfortable with.

The creation of safe places should not give the impression that Darlington is not a safe place to be as that is not the case. However, we all know that from time to time, bullying and intimidation of vulnerable people does take place and it is important that support is available at those times. Given the personal nature of hate crime, victims are often reluctant to report incidents as they do not want to draw attention to themselves or have police cars pulling up at their front door. They may also feel that they will not be taken seriously and in the case of very vulnerable people, they may not know how or where to report incidents. The creation of safe places aims to take those difficulties away as it provides a neutral place, where staff will provide support and explain options to the victim without putting pressure on them to make a formal complaint.

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