Activity Hub

“Connecting People Together”

Darlington Mind’s Activity Hub enables people with mental health problems to socialise, develop friendships, share experiences, develop coping strategies and learn and develop skills together.

The aim of the group is to reduce social isolation, provide a meaningful and enjoyable purpose to the day and to maintain good mental health and where possible to improve it.

The group’s activities are varied and are tailored to meet the needs of its participants. A dedicated team of staff and volunteers offer people support, reassurance, understanding, guidance, encouragement and emotional support.

The Activity Hub is truly person centred; offering a ‘Pick n Mix’ variety of activities to suit the need of the person attending. Individual or group activities are on offer which helps people to gain confidence and to learn new skills to help them with their personal development and recovery.

Anxiety, depression and feelings of isolation are improved by regularly meeting new people and learning to form healthy and lasting friendships. Our regular consultation meetings allow users to suggest new activities, give us feedback and/or propose service enhancing changes.

The Activity Hub often acts as a gateway to other services either within or outside of Darlington Mind.

You can map your progress and achievements at your annual personal development planning review and be assured that we will encourage and support you every step of the way to reach your personal goals.

The activity hub is a welcoming ‘safe haven’ for people to come to where they will not be judged but will be supported, encouraged, empowered and given the confidence to live their lives to the full.

Comments and Testimonials

“I really like going to the project. It helps to distract me from my negative thoughts, helps me mix with other people and gives me something to look forward to.”

“It has helped me to improve my mental wellbeing.”

“The project helps me mix with people and gives my wife a break. I think that if I never came to Mind I would most likely be in hospital or on a section. So, Mind is a big YES for me.”