The Green Project

“Grow it, Cook it, Eat it and a whole lot more!”

The Darlington Mind The Green Project aims to build confidence, raise self esteem, promote physical activity and encourage social interaction. We provide a broad variety of activities in practical and theory sessions using our allotment, garden and external visits.

During the winter months we run Cook ‘n’ Eat sessions, exploring healthy eating, budget and dietary needs. We use our own evergreen foliage, hedgerow fruits and weaving materials to create seasonal gifts and Christmas decorations. We utilise the IT suite to research and develop our horticultural knowledge and plan trips. Photography plays an important part in recording our progress and successes.

We are developing a full size allotment site in Darlington and we carry out a growing, maintenance and renovation plan for sites owned by Darlington Mind. We have regular supported excursions to venues of horticultural interest, to explore our wider appreciation of The Green Project, nature and conservation in the area we live in.

Planning and nurturing plants can give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning – be inspired by tasting the first strawberry of the season, seeing the sweep of colour across the garden as the flowers appear or walking through a bluebell wood in May listening to the cuckoo’s calling. There are sessions available during the week.

Comments and Testimonials

“Another inspiring and amazing trip and I’m looking forward so much to the next!”

“Since coming to the Mind Green Project, I have noticed several improvements to my general wellbeing, both mental and physical. In the past, I have had problems of motivation and concentration, involving long periods of lethargy.”

“Gives me the motivation to get out of bed in the morning.”

“Has inspired me to take more of an interest in the relationship between growing vegetables, the sources of ingredients and cooking them, it has also given me ideas for healthier eating.”

For more information please contact our reception team on 01325 283169 for further information.