Mental Health Mentoring Programme

What is it?
Darlington Mind’s Mental Health Mentoring Programme is an intensive two-day course covering eight modules including;

  • Mental Health Awareness
    What is Mental Health? How does Mental Health impact the workplace? Mental Health at work; the law
  • Anxiety
    Recognising the signs and symptoms. How to help somebody with anxiety
  • Depression
    Recognising the signs and symptoms. How to help somebody with depression
  • Stress
    What is Stress? When does it become a problem? Stress reduction techniques
  • Confidence, Self Esteem & Assertiveness
    Building confidence. Boosting self- esteem. Being more assertive
  • Lifestyle Choices
    How does diet, sleep and exercise impact mental health? Mindfulness. Five Ways to Wellbeing
  • Support
    What support is available at work? What support is available outside of work?
  • The Role as a Mental Health Mentor
    What you can do to help others. Knowing your limitations

Why should I train (or train my staff) to be a Mental Health Mentor?
This knowledge enables the individual to be a Mental Health Mentor for your workplace or organisation.
The individual will be able to;

  • provide first level support to employees
  • know what support they can offer the individual themselves
  • know when, how and where to seek additional support

Having a named Mental Health Mentor in your workplace means that employees feel valued and know that their employer is considering the importance of their emotional and mental wellbeing. It gives employees a named individual who they can turn to for support in the workplace, enabling them to seek support as soon as it is needed.

How is this different to the other support structures in place within my workplace?

Mental Health Mentoring is a valuable addition to other support structures such as EAP and Occupational Health teams. Support from colleagues and line managers is vital in helping people to manage distress or mental illness at work. In a 2008 report commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions it was confirmed that many people admit to feeling uncomfortable about working with people with mental health symptoms, and that lack of understanding may lead to people being denied promotion or access to training. Even if work colleagues and friends are open and supportive to someone with mental health problems, they may be unsure of how to deal with someone who is particularly distressed or going through a crisis.

It was also suggested in this report that Occupational Health workers have less knowledge of mental health problems than of physical illness and are therefore not as well equipped to advise others about managing it. Mental Health Mentoring is a way of training managers to recognise mental distress and respond in a supportive way that does not necessitate exclusion from the workplace.

We suggest that organisations train around 10% of their workforce to be named Mental Health Mentors. Employees should be made aware of who their Mental Health Mentors are within the workplace and given the opportunity to contact them directly on a confidential basis, without the need for a formal intervention or referral. This enables employees to feel comfortable to access support in a safe way without judgement or impact on their job role, the fear of which we know can prevent people from accessing more formal methods of support (such as via their EAP or Occupational Health department or approaching a line manager).

Who else is using Mental Health Mentors in their workplace?

Well done to Darlington’s newest Mental Health Mentors for taking the time and making the commitment to promote and support Mental Health within their workplaces!

So far, representatives from Darlington Borough Council, Whessoe Engineering, Firthmoor Community Centre and Middleton Hall Retirement Village have taken part in Darlington Mind’s newly launched Mental Health Mentoring Programme.

What do people think about the training?

 “The group worked well together and felt able to share experiences. We were given some good practical tools and skills to implement in the workplace”

“Excellent interaction with other organisations. Exposed to some very good personal experiences which enhanced the learning”

 “I have really enjoyed this course. The content was brilliant. This will help me in my personal life as well as professional. I am confident I will be able to hopefully be a really good mentor”

“Relaxed atmosphere which enabled people to open up and speak freely about their mental health/ill health”

“Great course giving me skills and tools to support myself and others.”

“Informative, educational, fun, emotional, made me think”

“Very interesting. Have learnt a lot. Realised a lot of things about myself also – which was not an expectation that I had prior to coming!”

“Ideal to address support mental health in the workplace. Big issue in my team, see this all the time. Hopefully be able to implement better support in my team”

“Excellent trainer – knowledgeable, thorough, explained everything in clear audience-appropriate way. Really enjoyed the whole two days – good balance of material, workbook/activities/videos/group work. Looking forward to implementing some of the tools and ideas learnt from this course. Thank you J

“Great course and with great plans to take back to my workplace. Looking into mental health as a next career job, thanks”

How much does it cost?

Prices start at just £160 per person but discounts can be negotiated for multiple bookings.

I’m ready to sign up!

Please contact our reception team on 01325 283169 for further details.