OCD Checking Rituals

Have I checked it, was it locked? Did I check that I checked that I checked it? I will check it again. Many people have battled with these thoughts and fears over numerous situations throughout their lives.

Have you ever gone out of the house and had that sense of dread that you left the oven on? Or started to eat something and could not remember if you washed your hands? Many of us will probably have these thoughts at one time or another in our lifetime.

Someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can have these thoughts, worries and concerns daily over multiple tasks or items and multiple times in the day or night.

This can be very distressing for the person, increasing their anxieties, and worse case scenario taking over their life or preventing them to do things. Imagine not being able to go to bed until you have checked all the doors and windows a certain number of times in a certain order and if something distracts you having to start this checking ritual all over again for fear you missed a stage or step out?

Or imagine having to wash your hands after touching any surface, numerous times, or having to endure the extreme fear and crushing anxiety if you don’t.

These thoughts, feelings and behaviours if left unchecked can take over and control your life preventing you from doing the things you want to do.

Help is out there:

If OCD is an issue for you, please speak to us about accessing things like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) doing so can help lesson anxious thoughts, and reduce the effects of OCD. Counselling can also be beneficial to work through possible negative thoughts, which have triggered the stress, or anxious feelings.

Self-help is also very important in terms of practicing mindfulness, or other relaxation techniques can greatly reduce stress anxiety and OCD tendencies. Looking at completing a pleasurable activity or hobby to positively distract the mind, such as practicing art/gardening/exercise can all be hugely helpful.

Alternatively, consider speaking to a GP about other support available.

For Further Support:

For further mental wellbeing support including Emotional Resilience courses or if you want to know more about relaxation techniques or positive distraction and therapeutic activities please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Darlington Mind also has a variety of other services which may be of interest to you and to assist with your need, please contact us via the following options: Email: contactus@darlingtonmind.com or Tel: 01325 283169 Mobile: 07572 888084 – see our services and support

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